VOIP Phone Systems

The internet and IP based communications have made fundamental changes in how companies and individuals interact and communicate. Combined with the power of today's computer and information technology systems, there's a whole new world of possibilities for businesses. Making the transition to Voice over IP is an investment that can give your company a major competitive advantage. But in order to ensure a successful implementation, your network has to be ready to handle the demands of VoIP.

There are many advantages for installing a VOIP system such as reducing business operating costs, easy administration, portability, and access via multiple locations. All of these benefits add up to greater productivity, allowing employees to work anywhere via telephone or broadband network, and minimal hardware requirements.  Since VoIP systems require that multiple vendors and systems work collaboratively and cooperatively, a detailed project plan and clear communication is essential for your business success. We will work closely with all of the vendors involved to ensure a smooth installation along with careful monitoring and control of ongoing costs.

At Global Technology Advancements LLC we can provide a cost effective technology consulting for your business. A technology management strategy goes beyond the installation of VOIP Systems. As your partner we can develop a strategic plan for implementing VOIP, tailored to your company's budget. We can help you set up a system with a solid VoIP security and disaster recovery to keep your business running smoothly.

 We are here to help you make the quality and correct telecommunications decisions that will best benefit your company. Contact us today to set up an appointment, and we will show you the quality path to savings with a VoIP implementation.


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