Network & Cyber Security

Keeping your data and systems secure is a crucial priority for your business—and for us.

When your business depends on internet and web applications your information assets can become vulnerable to hacking, malware, malicious attacks. Network and system security is an ongoing, crucial, and fundamental consideration that must be addressed at every level of your network infrastructure. Poor network configurations can go unnoticed to the untrained eye, which can result in multiple security vulnerabilities or breaches in security.

Today, most of all digital devices are or can easily be interconnected. Almost everyone connected to your business is given access to your computer network to either get updates or to feed updates into your network. So whether it is your supplier wanting to update your requirements or your courier company updating delivery details, or your sales team updating sales details via hand-held mobile units or laptops, all log into your network regularly. Every access or entry point is potentially also a hacker’s gateway. Further, there are access points that might not be visible or obvious but an experienced hacker can find them quickly.

At Global Technology Advancements, we have been developing and utilizing a variety of tools and practices that can protect your business internally and externally without hindering your business processes or communication. Network security is achieved by using a variety of technology tools, such as firewalls and encryption, and access controls. We will work with you in a consultative manner to understand the security requirements of your industry and organization, and design a solution that effectively encompasses those needs. We can provide you with assistance in adopting local and Internet-wide system security measures. We will survey your existing security installation for known security weaknesses, and apply corrective measures.

By installing a secure network, you can protect your network and assets by:

  • Blocking and restricting behaviors in real time
  • Alerting you in real time when high security filters are violated
  • Locking down user computers when specific behaviors occur
  • Blocking common chat messengers often used for data leaks
  • Observing and reacting to file activity on portable external and thumb drives
  • Using high customizable behavior filters that can be applied to your entire network, or specific computers
  • Blocking unwanted and inappropriate web content
  • Blocking unwanted and inappropriate program usage
  • Blocking popular chat messengers
  • Alerting users when they violate behavior filters
  • Logs only behaviors that are unwanted and should not be performed by users
  • Keeping users on task and productive
  • Allowing you to track the bad things you do not want to happen on your network
  • Removing the need for searching through endless activity logs for a few inappropriate/unwanted actions
  • Secures assets and prevents data theft on your network
  • Removes the need for exhaustive investigations for possibly troublesome employees

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