Network Design/Management/Support

The design and architecture of the network are, perhaps, the most consistently undervalued and under planned aspects of the IT environment. Yet, so much relies on your network as the foundation of your IT support. Your business doesn't have time for network outages, degraded performance or loss of data. It means lost time, and more importantly, lost revenue.

Small and mid-sized businesses want the same capabilities as larger enterprises. To grow and thrive, you need robust IT network systems and sophisticated applications to match.  Network planning and the proper design for your business will ensure that your network will perform as needed within your company.

At Global Technology Advancements we pride ourselves on putting together efficient, functioning computer networks that can handle your user maximum capacity at any time regardless of what’s running in the office. Careful network planning and design is critical. Global Technology Advancements takes a consultative approach to understanding your unique business demands, and then engages in the process of building a network that meets the needs of your end users in an appropriate and efficient manner. We provide you with solutions to meet your current and future needs. And, we do it efficiently saving you money. Whether you are looking for a simple solution or a long term strategy, we are here to help.

In addition to initial setup and configuration, ongoing network monitoring and management is integral to maintaining a reliable, secure network for in-house employees and office visitors. We leverage cutting-edge tools and technology to watch network activity and ensure small issues are caught before they become big problems. In case that network problems do arise, our team is alerted immediately and can resolve the issue quickly.

Our experienced engineers will continuously monitor the health of your infrastructure and help manage growth by providing:

  • Detailed site inventory and network support documentation
  • Perspective into where current or new system resources can best be allocated
  • Scheduled site/device reporting
  • Proactive network and security monitoring and alerting
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Remote support for rapid problem resolution
  • Support for regulatory software compliance


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