Cloud Computing

The availability of internet bandwidth and server virtualization technology has enabled businesses to use centralized, shared computing resources, while improving service levels and reducing costs. Cloud computing has many forms – storing your data with an external provider is cloud computing, hosting your website with an ISP is cloud computing, hosting your email service with an external provider is cloud computing, and using shared computing resources like data processing and disk storage is also cloud computing.

As Cloud Computing becomes main stream the IT industry is seeing a myriad of new vendors’ and solutions. From private, public, and hybrid clouds consultants understand the key characteristics of the different cloud computing solutions along with each solutions benefits and challenges. Our cloud consultants can determine your pros and cons for adopting a Cloud platform. Additionally, we will explore hybrid cloud adoption strategies, and phased deployments.

At Global Technology Advancements, We will analyze your existing infrastructure and software and provide information on exactly which systems are best suited for the Cloud. We will work closely with your organization to determine which applications will give your business the most value by moving them to the Cloud. We can assist you in formulating a cloud computing strategy. We also provide detailed reporting on the savings that can be made by implementing a Cloud strategy model.

Cloud Computing Benefits:

  • Use computational power and storage space from a third-party service providers lowering demand for additional servers.
  • Reduce the number of applications deployed in your business by using similar applications hosted by SAAS providers.
  • Optimizing the consumption of electricity by reducing the number of servers in your business.
  • Cloud Hosting and Virtualization are strategies that go a long way in reducing your energy-dependency.

Cloud Computing Considerations:

  • Understanding the key characteristics of private, public, and hybrid clouds.
  • Standards affecting cloud computing deployment choices.
  • How to integrate cloud computing into existing infrastructure and processes.
  • Deciding which cloud deployment option is right for your organization.
  • Evaluating costs of private versus public cloud deployments.

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